The hairstyle That Suits You Best

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The hairstyle That Suits You Best

The only thing more difficult than choosing the perfect women’s hairstyle is finding the right cut to suit her. While this may seem like a petty matter, it is an important one, especially if you intend to wear your hair up or down. A cut that looks great on someone, may not look so good on you. The first step in choosing a cut is learning what kind of style suits your face, and what looks good with your hair. There are three main categories of cuts: fringed, layered, and straight.

If you have long hair, you should consider a fringed hairstyle, which is also known as layers. This is simply a way of adding volume to your hair by allowing the layers to cascade, forming an attractive waterfall effect. Many times, the layers are parted just below the collarbone, with the center falling between your shoulder-length bangs. Another great thing about this kind of cut is that there are numerous different looks you can achieve depending on how you wear your hair. If you prefer a sleek, straight hair appearance, a thin, straight layer can look very sexy, while wearing your hair in an up-do can lend a soft romantic look to your face.

If you have very short hair (or no hair at all! ), a layered hairstyle is a great option. Unlike a fringed haircut, a layered hairstyle allows you to choose a hairstyle that suits you best by incorporating certain elements from many of the other haircuts you can choose from. One popular look for women with short hair is the classic ponytail, which looks great with either a simple fringe or a combination of fringed layered, and straight hair.

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