Choosing Hairstyles For the Modern Woman

A hairstyle, haircuts, or hairdo describes the style of a person’s hair, normally on the head. In some cases, this can also mean an alteration of body or facial hair. In the modern era, people’s hairstyles are greatly influenced by the trends of the time, such as the fashions popular in the 1980s and the hip hop hairstyles of the early 90s. Today, a variety of hairstyles exist for both men and women. Some of these popular hairstyles include the buzz cut, crew cut, and the mullet.


The buzz cut is a style that has been around for decades, and is a variation of the flat top hairstyle. This style features a series of angled cuts along the hair line, creating a unique look. The buzz often originates from the fringe of hair that covers the back of the head. This style is great for both casual and formal occasions, although it can be a little too much hair for some facial shapes. On the other hand, the French hairstyle or waterfall hairstyle is a classic style that provides a balance between the simple and sophisticated.

The French hairstyle is a straight hairstyle that is closely cropped to the crown of the head. There are typically three to four cuts that can add variety to the look. Some styles even feature the use of a front fringe that frames the face. The super straight hairstyle is great for all occasions and can easily be styled into any number of looks. This includes the rocker, rebel, and sassy chic look – the options are endless.

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