Men’s Hairstyles – Choosing the Right One

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Men’s Hairstyles – Choosing the Right One

The most basic consideration in deciding on a men’s hairstyle is the shape of your face and the way you wish to wear it. The shape of your face will be determined by factors such as skin color, hair texture and whether you have a short face, long face or somewhere in-between. If you have a round face then you will find that the best hairstyles for men with this shape tend to be those that include some length on the sides and bangs swept to one side. This will add width and make the sides of your face appear longer. If you have a square shaped face then the sides will need to be sharp, straight cut and the bangs swept to the side.

The best hairstyles for men with a square shape are usually those that emphasize the angles of the eyes, such as an angular buzz cut or a blunt side-swept haircut. There are several men’s hairstyle cuts that include an offset fringe, such as an Frued Plait. This can be found in many different lengths and looks great when applied at the sides and top of the ear. For those men with oval shaped faces, the options for hairstyles tend to be much more limited. However, there are plenty of ways to achieve a good look that incorporates an angled fringe, layers and a very clean shag.

One of the most classic styles for men is a simple, clean shag cut using layers that are styled upwards from the temple area. With this style the best position for the fringe is to slightly edge the hair slightly upwards and away from the ears. It is best to apply the shag after the hair has been washed and then combed through with a wide-toothed comb. Most men that are looking for a clean, modern shag are looking for a slicked back haircut which incorporates angles and razor-sharp edging on the fringe.

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