Popularizing Women’s Hairstyles Today

A long, sleek fringe is one of the most common styles for women’s hairstyles today. Fringe-cut styles are perfect for those looking to bring back the youthful look they had as teens. Many women are opting for this type of cut because it is easy to maintain, quick and relatively inexpensive to maintain. Long, flowing layers around a woman’s face make her appear much younger than her age. The only downside to a fringed hairstyle is that it can be very time consuming and requires daily maintenance.

womens hairstyle

The ponytail is another popular hairstyle that is either side swept or straight. This is a simple hairstyle that can be worn in a number of different ways and looks great with just about any type of clothing. A classic ponytail usually looks good on both short and long hair and can either be worn straight across or on the side for a edgier look.

African Americans also have a number of popularized hairstyles. A natural hairstyle for afro women is a braided hairstyle. It looks great when worn with just about anything and can be worn to work, church, the gym, a night out on the town or a special occasion. Braids were popularized by African Americans in the 80s but they went through several transformations until they became the sleek, polished look that we know them to be today. The most popular braided hairstyle is the Afro Bowl hairstyle which is an easy maintenance hairstyle that can be worn every day with any kind of outfit.

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