Latest Hairstyle Trends for Men

Hairstyles for Men have changed over the years as fashion and the need to conform to a certain look has influenced the way men’s hairstyle is perceived and constructed. Most men’s hairstyle will consist of three components: the hairline which is the foundation of the haircut, the style of the hair (a sophisticated mousse, razor, layer or straight razor), and the position of the hair. The men’s hairstyle of today is far different from the old styles of yesterday. With the rise of the hip-hop culture, urban wear became more popular and men’s hairstyle followed suit. With its strong cultural influence, the modern men’s hairstyle is considered to be bold and expressive.

mens hairstyle

The Unwanted is the most popular men’s hairstyle for this season. The Unwanted is simply a variation of the classic buzz cut with better hair. The undercut combines with long and short hairstyles which stand out from all possible angles.

With this new trendy look, the sides are shaved completely and the hair line is tapered to one of the sides. The sides may also be rounded or spiked depending on the height of the person. The middle part is straight and the back of the head is shaped into a triangle. The Unwanted is suitable for people who want to make a statement with their hairstyle and those who don’t like their hair looking choppy or unkempt.

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