Your Favorite Men’s Hairstyle

One of the most common changes men make nowadays is a short men’s hairstyle, commonly called a buzz. There are a few variations to this hairstyle that can be as simple as changing the side swept bangs to a longer length or a complete bald look. Men’s hair goes through changes as they age, from receding hairlines to sagging and even bald spots. It’s a natural progression of the hair growth cycle and just because your hair is growing out doesn’t mean it’s finished growing. You should experiment with hairstyles like a buzz to see what works best for you.

mens hairstyle

Another common style men choose is a Pompadour haircut. In general, a Pompadour is styled to frame the face and jaw and give an impression of a broader face. This type of haircut often has a higher crown and more of a rounded top that tapers down towards the nape of the neck.

To round off the edgier look, the crew cut is a modern classic that has been around since the 1970s. With a crew cut, the front of the hair is cut close to the ears and sides and the back of the hair reaches down to about one inch below the ears. The top of the hair also starts to rise a little higher, but not nearly as much as with a traditional buzz cut. A crew cut works well with most hair types, though it may not work as well with wavy hair or curly hair. Men who have wide or curly hair are better off opting for the side part if they want a unique style.

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