What Men Want – Hairstyles For Men

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What Men Want – Hairstyles For Men

There are several men’s hairstyle trends currently popular among men who want to impress others or who simply like the way their hair looks. The undercut combines long and short men’s hairstyle styles that stand out from both angles. The front and back are often shaved cleanly while hair behind is gently swept backward, left or right. It is quick and simple to style using a good natural men’s haircare product or a pre-shave gel. It works well with most hair textures, and short layers of hair work well.

The side part has become quite popular as part of the hip and urban style of many young men. Most men have one or two shaggy side parts, but some men have more. Some men’s hairstyle trends have emerged around the clean shaven look. This look consists of a smooth jaw line on the upper lip with some short side shaggy hair framing it, usually in a gel or mousse. Some people like to add some spikes to the shaggy ends for some edgier appearance.

The wavy haircut, also known as the Caesar cut, consists of slightly longer hair length on top of the head. The sides are usually shaved and the hair behind is brushed back or brought up towards the forehead. A fringe is not necessary. Curly or wavy bangs can be swept to one side or pinned back for a casual or sleek look. A tapered shag works well with this type of cut.

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