What is Fashion?

Fashion is basically a set of ideas, materials, styles, forms and manners related to dress that are generally accepted as the existing standards in the society. Fashion has been a major concern to all aspects of our lives from fashion design, dressing, buying and selling and basically in the social circle. Fashion is more than just being fashionable. It involves an evaluation of the values of the culture, tradition and time, and a certain attitude or behavior towards the current fashion trends.


Fashion has a set of values that are considered to be universal and are accepted in any social situation or culture. Fashion is a way of expressing and rebelling against the constraint of time and tradition and of respecting the human body as something that is sacred and irreplaceable. In a certain context, the word “fashion” means the current trend in dress that is represented by specific accessories and clothing that are widely available at the market place. The word “fashions” generally refers to collections of styles and designs that are associated with the latest trend and are usually worn, or designed, by popular personalities as a symbol of their power and as a style statement.

The culture of fashion includes all the variations of human behaviors and customs that are shaped by the social environment and are accepted as normal and appropriate by the majority of the people. The values of fashion must be based on human dignity and individuality, freedom, non-conformity, personal and artistic expression, social norms and the harmony of mankind as a whole. The history of fashion includes many great events and accomplishments such as the invention of new materials and patterns of cloth, color, design, patterns of jewelry, fashion design and the beginnings of photography. These creations have greatly contributed to the beauty and creativity of modern fashion. Today fashion continues to change and develop bringing new styles, designs and values every day.

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