What Fashion Is?


What Fashion Is?

Fashion is a kind of autonomy and self-expression in a certain time and location and in a certain context, in terms of clothes, footwear, fashion, makeup, hairstyling, and even body posture. The word signifies a trendy appearance defined by the fashion business as what is trendiest at that moment. What most people fail to understand however, is that just because something looks fashionable on the runway or in fashion magazines does not mean it is for everyone. In fact, just because something looks good on the runway it does not always mean it will also look good on you. There are many other factors including your own sense of style, skin tone, hair texture, facial features, body size, skin, and personal preferences that determine what is fashionable and trendy.

There are many different types of fashion trends such as: formal, semi-formal, casual, sporty, and trendy. Formal fashion trends tend to follow the rules set by society such as what is smart or what is elegant. Semi-formal fashion trends tend to be the kind that are considered appropriate for social situations while sporting clothing or accessories. Casual fashion trends are those that one can wear in everyday circumstances without thinking about how it looks. Sporty fashion trends refer to dressing in specific clothing or accessories connected with particular sports such as golf, tennis, and running.

Your sense of personal fashion trends are affected by your personal behaviors and how you dress. This is because clothing cannot be classified as fashion just because people who wear them tend to look good in them. Even those materials that seem to be made from high quality fabrics still have patterns that make it look expensive or trendy. Just because a garment looks good on another person does not mean it will look good on you. You need to choose items that fit your personal fashion and trends.

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