Top 10 Cool and Classic Men’s Hairstyles

Every man wants to have a simple men’s hairstyle that is appealing as well as functional. Many have tried and tested hairstyles are universally practical and fit most men’s needs. They cross over the key elements that a man looks for in an appealing hairstyle; trendy, presentable, easy to maintain, and easily able to manage. For this series, we are giving you the top 10 most classic and cool looking men’s hairstyle for the classic, stylish man.

mens hairstyle

The asymmetrical appearance of the hairline creates a very clean look. It works well with most hairstyles, especially those that incorporate a beard. The asymmetrical appearance also provides a sculpted appearance that is easy to maintain, whether it be with gel, mousse, or pomade. This asymmetrical hairstyle can also work well with the use of gel, pomade, or any other products that create waves when brushed straight.

This hairstyle is perfect for those who have short sides and long hair. It provides versatility with a clean, sharp look that is simple and easy to maintain. Since this hairstyle does not taper down the back of the neck, you will want to add hairspray to the front to keep the shape of your face and reduce the amount of frizz. You can also try a shorter cut with a fad haircut, or even a side part with a barber style cut that shortens the front and adds length on the sides.

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