The World Of Women’s Hairstyle

womens hairstyle

The World Of Women’s Hairstyle

A woman’s hairdo can say a lot about her personality, as most clothes are judged according to their color and cut. The hairdo should be chosen according to your facial structure, your job and your personal preference. A hairstyle for long hair is supposed to make your face look thinner and more delicate while short hair adds height. Women’s hairdos can change depending on which season it is. Spring has softer and thinner hair while Summer brings back its volume with full blown curls. Winter is all about bringing the length down to chin length.

African American Women: Black women’s hairstyles tend to include more texture than any other race. The African American hairstyle is one of those with many variations. One example is the African American classic hairstyle called the “Crown Braid”, which is a low hairstyle that starts to form a ring on the back of the head above the eyes. It can be dyed different colors but the most popular among black women is the natural “Crown” braid which fall softly around the back of the head over the forehead and is dyed black at the roots.

European Women: Most European women have medium to long hair. They are considered very versatile and are able to wear their hair in various styles depending on the occasion. Braids, cornrows (longer hair on the side) and flares (braided into multiple strands to form a short hair) are some of the hairstyle trends seen from Europe. For women who do not have naturally curly hair, curly braids (a type of cornrow) are perfect for them as they can be easily cared for. Some women prefer to wear their hair straight, with no perm, or short hair, with the perm removed. To achieve the best look, it is best to consult with a hair stylist who specializes in ethnic hairstyles and take her opinion on which kind of cut would look best.

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