The Top of the Head is Where it Stands

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The Top of the Head is Where it Stands

Many women do not consider their hairstyle one of the most important parts of their appearance. While some consider their hairstyle to be a component of their personality, many women believe that their hairstyle is not only an accessory; it can also be an effective way to make a fashion statement. In fact, a woman’s hairstyle has become an important part of who she is.

In the late 1980s, women’s hairstyles become more conservative and clean. During this time, women’s hair is often worn close to their face and high above the ears on high, straight hair. ” careless” hair styles were also popularized during this time. Tied hair styles and the fading of hair color, especially red, became popular with the late 1980s.

Today, the top of the head is still part of a hairstyle. It is common for a woman to have one long style, such as the classic updo, or a short, up-do with plenty of bangs. However, many women choose to wear their hair completely swept away from their face with a few sprigs falling onto their shoulders or chest. A romantic, loose ponytail can look absolutely amazing with the top of the head being swept away.

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