The Popularity of Women’s Hairstyles Throughout the Years

Women’s hairstyles throughout the late 70s became more conservative and more clean. In the late 70s, women’s hair had been worn close to their heads and high up on top. “Natural” long, straight locks were popular during this time. “Cute” curly locks were also in style and waves and curls usually fell behind a large, floppy topknot which was tied in place using an elaborate floral or lace wig.

womens hairstyle

Throughout the 80s, however, the “cute” and “easy” hairstyles began to change. In particular, longer, more sophisticated styles became more popular. “Gorgeous” layers of hair swept to the side and some even wore their hair pulled back. Bangs that fell into a more delicate design were worn and cut short, combing the hair in a side-parting way. These new trends pushed more women toward straight, un-crispy hair with fringes.

These days, it is very common for women to wear their hair in a more conservative, up-do kind of way. In most cases, layers are worn, often ending with one or two bangs swept to either side. It is very common for the front part of the hair to be up and flowing, much like it was in the good old days. But, either side of the hair can be left free and flowing, falling softly over a slender frame. This look has become popularized by celebrities like Rihanna but can be done by any woman. With the many different options for women today, it’s anyone’s turn to be the new Rihanna!

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