The Hottest Hairstyles of 2021

A hairstyle, haircut or coif is simply a styling of the hair, typically on the head. In some cases, this may also mean an edging of the face or body hair. Today, there are virtually countless hairstyles that are being presented and developed. Thus, it is only but proper for you to have a preference and be guided by what really looks good and more importantly, what suits your facial structure as well as physique.

The very first hairstyle which almost all women wore was that of the wet bun. This hairstyle is considered to be the first fashion in women’s fashion history. This hairstyle is characterized by long hair that is neatly braided in the front with the rest falling on the back. This hairstyle was ideal for women who wanted to easily cover their hair from the front but still have the ability to show their hairstyle from the back. For those who wanted to experiment with hairstyles, they could try the fish tail which is a great variation of the wet bun.

The next hairstyle which is considered to be the most common one in the European history is that of the French twist. This hairstyle is characterized by having short hair in the front that is brought to the back part and which is either pinned up or left free. In terms of the positioning of the hair, the twist would look good at any place on the head. In addition to that, the hairstyles braiding of the French was a way of showing off one’s individuality, thus, allowing each woman to choose the most fitting hairstyle for herself. It was also believed that this hairstyle was only worn by rich women.

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