The History of Women’s Hairstyles From the Eighteen Century

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The History of Women’s Hairstyles From the Eighteen Century

If you’re a woman and you’d like to find a trendy haircut that won’t come off as a complete disaster every time you take it off, there is something you should know about: Instgram. A new social networking site which allows users from around the world to upload pictures, Instgram is about more than just a great hairstyle. With an easy to use interface, anyone can create and upload hairstyle photos to share with friends, family, and even their co-workers.

In the early days of Instagram, the only option for many users was to use the default white background which limited how creative they could be when uploading pictures. This limitation was quickly changed by Facebook user Eula Muscat who created the popular black and white “white shirt” photo upload. In this early days, women were far less likely to wear makeup or use wigs which meant that they were far less creative in their hairstyles. As women began to experiment with using different colors, they soon learned that it was very easy to go from wearing a black shirt with white pants to wearing a white tank top with a hair cut that looked almost exactly like a wig. Thanks to Eula Muscat, the trend of using black and white clothing for a fashion faux pas became known as the “women’s Hairstyles of the eighteen century.”

While the hairstyle trends of the eighteenth century are no longer as popular as they once were, the overall design has remained largely unchanged. There are numerous celebrities and famous women who sport the popular hairdo of the early eighteen century, including Queen Victoria and her personal hairdresser, Madame Defargere de la Rouchfoucauld. Although the styles may appear old school to some, the hair styles of the eighteenth century are actually still quite fashionable with many people still wearing the classic updos and short hairstyles.

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