Popular Hairstyle Varieties

A hairstyle, haircut, or hairdo is simply a styling of the hair, typically on the head. In some cases, this may also mean an editing or trimming of unwanted body or facial hair. This term is often used in the context of fashion and entertainment, when a particular hairstyle or cut is being made more popular or trendy. Hairstyles can be altered or changed to suit certain occasions and/or personal preferences. Therefore, one’s hairstyle can tell you a lot about one’s personality and attitude.


A modern hairstyle might involve cutting the hair so that the sides are shaped like a triangle with the tip at the front and the other two sides at the back. If you have long hair, then you can get away with having it cut short with the sides kept long. People who prefer a straight, short haircut can get the same haircut but by getting a crop cut at the front. Another variation of the crop hairstyle is to get a haircut with a side part, so that the back is shaped like the letter “C”.

The other popular type of haircut is the comb-over. A comb-over is one where the front of the hair is cut higher than the back, leaving most of the scalp exposed. In the same way as a crop, the comb-over can look very good on people with short hairs, as the exposed portion of the scalp is not visible.

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