Men’s Hairstyles – Easy to Maintain Hair Styles

mens hairstyle

Men’s Hairstyles – Easy to Maintain Hair Styles

The undercut combines long and short men’s hairstyle styles which seem to stand out from every angle. The sides and back are shaved completely and hair at the top is gently swept to the right, left or back. It is very easy and quick to cut with a fine men’s natural or men’s styling product. However, be sure to apply the product and use a comb for best results. This hairstyle looks great on most men, but those with more oval face shapes and a wider forehead are the most flattering.

For those men who have a broad face and narrow jaw line, a crew cut is the perfect hairstyle for them. This is one of the most classic men’s hairstyles and it looks good on all face shapes. Crew cuts are normally very short with side swept bangs. They can be styled to achieve either a slimmer look or a fuller look depending on the style.

Folds or flat tops are another terrific option for men who want to experiment with hairstyles. These types of styles are ideal for men who have square faces, oval or round faces and small to medium sized ears and eyes. The folds or flat tops bring out the sides of the face and create a subtle illusion of width. The sides part can be slicked back or left long for that added touch of interest.

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