Hairstyles For Men

Everyone knows the classic hairstyle for men: the clean-cut look with the long and/or closely cropped hair framing his face. The shag is another oldie but still popular men’s hairstyle. It is clean-cut with unruly texture that some people refer to as lunk man. The shag is easy to maintain, requires little maintenance, and looks great every time.

mens hairstyle

The shag has been around since the fifties but the new variation of it is the hipster haircut. The hipster variation of this hairstyle features straight, finely cut hair combed in layers and framing the face in a cool, crisp bob. The layers are usually tapered to a right angle, leaving the jaw line open. This men’s hairstyle is great for days when you just want to go out and enjoy yourself: because it does not require any special care, it is quick and easy to do and there are no rules.

The asymmetric bob hairstyle is the latest trend in asymmetrical men’s hairstyles. It features a long shag of hair combed into two sections, with the front section left to right in contrast to the back section which is right to left. This asymmetrical look can be worn with a casual shirt and tie or dressed up with a neat-looking neck tie. Any of these asymmetrical haircuts is very stylish and can be worn for all occasions, whether it is for work or pleasure. These hairstyles are ideal for both young and old because they are easy to maintain and look good every time.

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