Hairstyle Trends For Women Of Color

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Hairstyle Trends For Women Of Color

Hairstyles have changed over the years and with our fast-paced lifestyles, the hairstyle that is most commonly associated with women has evolved to become a sleek look. Hairstyles are also determined by the season that they are to be worn for. The short hairstyles are most commonly worn during the summer months, such as those that are worn by the models from the ramp show. These hairstyles are best worn in loose curls, waves and flips as well as flat top styles.

The long hairstyles, which are more common among women who have curly hair, is cut short with layers and are styled in layers with straight hair flowing over it. This hairstyle can be further embellished by adding some fringes or even braids in its layers. The fringes can be defined using hairspray gel. There are some instances when the fringes are blended to give a softer edge to the hairstyle. The fringe can also be cut to fit the length of your natural hair and some will use hair combs instead.

The popular African American hairstyles include the Afro, which is characterized by the hair being straight from the roots up to the tip. The Afro can be defined by having a small part on the front of the head above the eyes and it can also be shaped like a “z”. The Afro can be worn with or without accessories and is usually seen on African American women that sport long, straight hair. The women’s hairstyle known as the Afrizz is a short, simple hairstyle made popular by the hip hop culture of the eighties. This hairstyle is ideal for individuals with straight, wavy hair that is cut short and worn down.

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