Different Hairstyles For Men

The men’s hairstyle for those with a short hair frame is of course the buzz cut. It is simple and razor sharp, which is great for those with busy daily schedules and always on the go. This style consists of a shaved head with layers of the closest hair growing from the temples up to the jawline. For the men who have thinning hair, a better option would be a crop-top haircut, this will balance out the head in terms of volume and depth. This is the ideal hair length, when you have a broad face frame. If your face is leaner, you can choose to take out some of the hair at the sides or even cut off all the hair in the front.

mens hairstyle

For those with medium to long hair frames, there are various options. This is also known as the crew cut, it is also best for those who have more of a broad face frame. It is characterized by short hair at the front with long flowing hair at the sides. This is a popular choice for men who are more athletic. Men’s hairstyles for this hairstyle is also best done with a trim. You can start by trimming a few layers so that the style will look fresher.

If you are looking for a good yet unique men’s hairstyle that is perfect for a weekend then you should try the slicked back. This is a very versatile haircut that is best suited for those who have wavy hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, then it is advisable to have a professional hair product like a leave in hair product. Apply the hair product to your hair and gently slide it through your hair. Once fully saturated, gently pull the slicked back into a natural smooth and sleek look that you will love.

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