Choose the Right Hairstyle For Him This Month

One of the most difficult things to do as a man is to choose the right men’s hairstyle for the occasion. You want it to be attractive, yet still fun and comfortable. Hairstyles for men can make even the biggest and strongest guys seem like they are from the clouds. If you find it hard to decide what to do for the day, there are several hairstyle options that can make the whole day more comfortable and fun to spend.

Short Men’s Hairstyles The understated undercut hairstyle is a good option for those who are having a very casual day. It works for both casual and formal occasions. The low shag cut at the sides frames the face nicely with some length at the sides for showing off the sides. The sides are then trimmed to a neat point with some pomade in front to frame the face.

Faded Hairstyle The faded hairstyle has become very popular and is perfect for a more relaxed look. The shaggy look of the hair gives it the appearance that the hair has sloughed off. The sides can be left longer and the back shaved or trimmed short. Then the front can be spiked and the hair cut straight with a razor.

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