African American Women’s Hairstyles – Your Look With Or Without Makeup

Today, one of the most popular hairstyles for African Americans is the Afro. This hairstyle is known as an informal style that is worn by many black women. Unlike the traditional “bumpy” look of the mullet, the afro does not require braiding or a ponytail and is easy to care for. There are many variations on the afro. You can get your hair cut short or long, wavy or straight, layered or not and so many other options.

womens hairstyle

One of the most common variations of the Afro is the Afro Foil. In the 17th century, slaves were brought to the United States and given this hairstyle as part of their indentured servitude. The slaves changed their name to reflect their new hairstyle which was an Afro Fringe. A fringe is defined as the part of a hair strand that fringes (i.e., around the ear or on the side of the face) or fringes (i.e., along the hair line or to one side of the face) is usually braided. When braided, the elasticity of the hair strands increases.

In today’s generation, black women like to wear their hair in various lengths, layers and colors. In addition, they prefer a variety of accessories such as bangs and braids. You can either cut your own bangs or purchase them from a store with a wide selection of stylish accessories. If you prefer to cut your own bangs, then you will need a pair of scissors and a basting knife. For instance, if you are going to make a short braid, you would need scissors and a pair of safety pins.

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