African American Women’s Hairstyles – How They Got Their Favorite Hairstyle

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African American Women’s Hairstyles – How They Got Their Favorite Hairstyle

African American women have many different hairstyles to choose from. These different hairstyles are usually dictated by the various occasions on which they are going to attend as well as by the types of outfits that they will put on for those events. Some of the most popular African American hairstyles include the Afro, the Black Bang, the Afro Cute, the Afro Long, and the Afro Punk. These hairstyles were all created by women from various regions of the black community in the United States and other parts of the world.

The Afro is a hairstyle that was first popularized by Jamaican natives and other black Americans who went to the Caribbean Islands in the late 1980s. During this time period, it was very difficult for Jamaicans to wear their hair in the form of a traditional haircut because it would always fall upon their backs or else it would stick up in several different directions. However, when these women arrived at the United States, they brought with them their own unique form of haircuts – the Afro.

The Afro, which is also known as the “Rastafari”, is a hairstyle which is characterized by a fringe of hair that frames the face. In order to create this hairstyle, the hair is combed in front of the head and then it is put into two separate sections at the back of the head — one at the front and one at the back. This style has now become very popular among African American women as it creates a more modern look. The Black Bang is another common African American hairstyle which is characterized by a large amount of hair combed into long strands which are then pinned up into a high ponytail. This hairstyle is considered sexy by many African American women because it compliments all facial structures.

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