What is Fashion? Fashion is More Than What You Wear


What is Fashion? Fashion is More Than What You Wear

Fashion is a very broad term, but it covers a wide range of things from dress codes to cultural trends to political views. Fashion is a way of defining and influencing social norms. It also refers to a particular style of dressing, footwear, jewelry, hair style, makeup, hairstyling, and other body posture in a given situation and time. In its general usage, the word fashion means a dress defined by the fashion business as what is trendy at that time. As such, every year the fashion shows all around the world can give a clue to what is popular and what is not.

Everyone has their own fashion sense. The fashion sense of a man can be drastically different from that of a woman, for example. While most women only care about what clothes they wear and where they wear them, men tend to be more concerned about what they would look like if they actually wore those clothes, which may be very different from what they believe is fashionable. Some of the major components that determine fashion are cut, color, fabric, accessories, shoes, and clothes itself.

Fashion designers come up with new ideas and concepts on a regular basis and keep up with changing fashions on a global scale. Many times new fashion themes appear in fashion shows, especially when designers are forced to respond to the prevailing fashion trend or they want to refresh their designs. Those who attend fashion shows are exposed to a variety of new trends and can start to make purchases on their own or even in collaboration with others who may have something similar in fashion. Even if people attend fashion shows just to get an idea of what’s hot or what’s not, they are still a good investment because they can save a lot of money by picking up designer labels.

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