Popular Men’s Hairstyles

It is common for a man to have a very distinct men’s hairstyle. It is a part of his identity so when he wants to do something different, he will go all out to get the look he desires. There are a few basic haircut styles that every guy should know about. If you are unsure what you want to do with your hair, start off simple and just work your way up from there. The following haircuts are great for both short and long hair.

mens hairstyle

A slicked back haircut is a very classic look. This style looks best on men with medium length hair because the slicked back gives them the illusion of being long. For a slicked back haircut, start by cutting the sides at the edges so they are a little long. You can actually do a shag here if you want to.

Another great men’s hairstyle is the buzz cut. This is a longer cut that is generally only done for men with longer hair and is usually done with hair that is slightly unruly. Most men get this haircut from a professional so it will look good. If you are having a hard time getting this haircut, you can always do a side part from the rear and just shave the left part of your head to make it look more like a mohawk. These are some of the most popular haircuts for both men and women.

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